Monday , 22 January 2018

Africa…the future!

Nigerian becomes First AFrican winner of English Language championship

Nigeria’s Wellington Jighere became the First African winner of English Language scrabble championship in the just concluded World Scrabble championship at Perth, Western Australia. He defeated  129 competitors to win the World English-language Scrabble Players’ Association championship on Sunday, trouncing Englishman Lewis Mackay in the final match on Sunday, November 8,2015     Persistence always triumphs. Having placed 3rd place and ... Read More »

Will you keep silent?

Just 200 years ago (August 1815), the British Empire paid Portugal a whopping £750,000 to cease their slave trading north of the Equator in the shameful transatlantic slave trade that went on for over four centuries (longer than the time between 1815 and 2015). Three-quarters of a million pounds was quite a huge payoff two centuries ago. so, why would ... Read More »

Quelle heure est-il? (What time is it?)

From the desk of ND Egwim: On a visit to some of my relatives home, I observed a funny scenario. My Aunt asked my little cousin, “Baby, check the wall clock and tell me what time it is”. The chubby little man replied instantly without bothering to check “Mum, it’s time for lunch!” We all burst into uncontrollable fits of ... Read More »


Some years ago, I traveled to visit my parents. My Dad told me a story that made me laugh so hard. It reiterates the popular belief that if you want to hide anything from an African, you hide it in a book. I hope the new generation of Africans will be those from whom nothing can be hidden in a ... Read More »

BLINDNESS: WHAT’S WORSE? by Ndubuisi Egwim

Several years ago while I was in medical school, I walked in for my pediatrics clinical exams, I prayed silently. I was quite apprehensive as I wondered what case I would meet and who would be my examiner. Would my patient be co-operative? Will I have time to finish the exam and type down a diagnosis before the time was ... Read More »