Monday , 22 January 2018


Throwback 2008 – My First Blog!

Never despise the days of your little beginning. Dream big, but start small. I was searching for something online today and came across my very first blog that I started 8 years ago! I was so excited! I had started the weight loss blog in 2008 as a student and posted a few articles as an experiment. I was more ... Read More »

Stay Excited!

Stay excited! You need to stay excited! You may call it ginger, passion, enthusiasm, anticipation Whatever makes you happy and keeps you going! You need to stay excited to go through life victorious. You need to be passionate to realize your wildest dreams. You need to be enthusiastic enough about your dreams to face life’s obstacles People give up because ... Read More »

The ABC of Blogging

In our dotcom world today, almost everything is going online. A website is no longer reserved for big fortune 500 companies. Now Individuals, Organizations and Businesses need websites for different purposes. While a company might want to sell and promote its products and services online, an Individual may just be interested in airing his opinions about different topical issues. He ... Read More »

One woman’s stand on hope; Sewing Hope! One woman’s stand on hope. In gross darkness, light shines brighter. Sewing hope, stitching lives one stitch after another. Watch this amazing video of an African woman who has helped thousands of girls to Keep Hope Alive and inspired millions around the world. I was almost moved to tears watching the video. The story of Sister Mary Nyirumbe in ... Read More »

Someday is here and now!

Someday, I’ll go to school Someday, I’ll learn a skill Someday, I’ll learn Chinese Someday, I’ll ask her out Someday, I’ll settle down Someday, I’ll tuck the kids Someday, I’ll quit my job Someday, I’ll be my Boss Someday, I’ll run a web Someday, I’ll write a book Someday, I’ll trot the globe Someday, I will live my dreams Someday, ... Read More »

$5 Service Company!

I like to outsource every single task that doesn’t require my personal input. Why wash your car or your clothes when there are professionals that will do it faster and better, thus freeing you up to be more productive in another area that you are an expert? I moved into a new neighborhood last year and with the move came ... Read More »

Success before work

Success comes before work and Earning before Learning but of course,only in the Dictionary! In real life, it’s the other way round. The more you work smartly,the more you succeed. The more you learn, the more you earn. Keep Learning! Keep Hope Alive! Read More »