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NO OFFICE? NO PROBLEM by Ndubuisi Egwim. Published in Business Day Newspaper, April 1,2009

More often than not, I get approached by young aspiring entrepreneurs with bright ideas for great enterprises. Most point out that the much required capital they need to bankroll their project is not available but one of the commonest challenges I get to hear quite often is that there is no office space available for them to launch from.

It is true that a nice office can really help in facilitating your business meetings, transactions and generally promoting your corporate image but it’s also important to accept the fact that not everyone will have the necessary start-up capital to rent plush offices furnished to their taste. This is especially true when you are not born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

We can take solace in the fact that some of the world’s greatest creative businesses were not started in executive corner offices located in high rise buildings but in dormitories, garages and rented rooms. Michael Dell of Dell computers fame, launched his company from his dormitory room as a freshman (1st year) in Texas University.

Garage where google started. Pic credit:

When I started my first company I had no office. I didn’t even have a computer or laptop. I had a great idea for a hot untapped market and a lot of determination to make up for what I lacked. I used my website and e-mail as my contact point but most of that changed within a year. There are many other examples of international businesses that took off without an office at first.

For instance, Google Inc. is a billion dollar corporation today that is worth far more than all the companies listed on Nigerian stock exchange put together. They own the Googleplex, the complex that serve as their corporate headquarters but it is also important to note that Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google from their dormitory room. Jeff Bezos started from his garage. Hewlett-Packard (HP), the giant computer firm also started from a garage. Mark Zuckerberg, who Forbes rated as the world’s youngest billionaire, started his billion dollar facebook company from his campus room.

There are several other examples, Nigerian and foreign but time and space doesn’t allow me to mention more. Start from where you are. Focus on what you have and keep getting better. Your other needs will fall into place with time.

In this our present days that everything is going online, it will also be wise to give your business an online presence. If you cannot afford a full dynamic, interactive website, with unlimited bandwidth, complete with forums and blogs like mine (, you may try getting a free blog at or It’s also important you make quality promotional materials and complimentary cards. It doesn’t have to be so expensive but you will really have to bring a lot of creativity to bear.

Another way you can overcome the NO OFFICE BARRIER, is sharing an office with a friend. In this case you use your friend or partner’s office as a contact point. You can set up meetings there and you can also receive mails and calls there until you are financially strong enough to rent your own place.

The ideas are in your head, the vision is burning in your heart and like the Reverend Martin Lutherking Jr of blessed memory, you say, “I have a dream”. Yes, it is good to dream big even if we lie on a small bed today but until we begin to take steps to achieve our dreams, until we stop waiting for everything to fall into place before we move, all we would have will be just a DREAM, a figment of our imagination. You are unstoppable. Keep hope alive!


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