Monday , 22 January 2018

Facebook story,Instagram Life!

Facebook story, Instagram Life

Their life rocks, yours sucks

Theirs is great, yours is late

They’re balling, you’re crawling

They’re flying, you’re falling

They’re wining, you’re whining


Facebook story, Instagram gist

Chill bling pictures, bright highlights

Fast cool rides, fabulous vacs

All your friends are having

The moment of their life


Dissatisfaction creeps in, discontent ahem

You wan kill yourself, ‘cos of wetin

Sinking into Depression, over nuffn

In the words of Hardley Chase

Believe this, you’ll believe anything


Wish you saw them an hour, a day

Just before the selfies, the videos

Without the makeup, the borrow pose

Their Daily hassles, their hourly hustle

Much like yours, worse than yours


Get some sense, use your brain

Don’t compare, don’t despair

You can only be, as happy as you choose

Draw your joy, from deep within

And if a selfies helps, please shoot one

The End

Ndubuisi Egwim

July 18, 2016


  1. Beautiful post n point blank as it is

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