The Lessons I Have Learnt On This Journey

2014-06-21 19:18:59

The Lessons I have learnt on This Journey by Chukwudi Iwuchukwu. You are a young person,in your twenties,thirties or forties and you choose to or you want to travel the uncharted road. By uncharted road; I mean starting a business, any start up,pioneering an app or grooming your talent in order to commercialize it Congratulation...[Read More]

The Jobberman Story - How Three Ambitious Africans Are Solving Unemployment Problems On The Continent

2014-06-16 17:04:02

jobberman The Jobberman story - how three ambitious Africans are solving the unemployment problem NIGERIA - With millions of able-bodied...[Read More]

Nations,values And Wealth

2014-04-17 12:21:20

"At the University, I also began to discern that nations do not become great by the virtue of their wealth but by the wealth of their virtues. For example,Switzerland has few natural resources compared to most countries in Africa but it is a much healthier,wealthier and more just and stable country than any country in Africa. Switzerland's wealth i...[Read More]

Forgive But Don't Forget!

2014-04-12 02:21:24

While some piece of history may make us feel terrible,even nauseous, it is however important that we know and remember even the atrocious parts of history. While we should forgive, we mustn't forget. Forgetting or trying to erase from history, unsavoury events such as the pogroms of the south easterners and some south southerners in Northern Nigeri...[Read More]

Mary Slessor - The White Queen Of Okoyong

2014-02-17 16:48:17

slessor and twins Cross River state is a beautiful state in Nigeria. In the past 3 months, I have been to the state three times. I hardly turn down any ...[Read More]

Touching Children Singing For Me

2013-05-20 00:05:39

touching children at Katcha LGA,Niger State. Watch video on youtube: ...[Read More]

World Health Outreach Yesterda...

2012-04-08 02:21:02

World Health Outreach yesterday was a great success. Today we celebrate our Risen Christ. Happy Easter everyone. Keep Hope Alive!...[Read More]

What Am I Reading Now? Alexand...

2012-04-25 03:12:46

What am I reading now? Alexander the Great by same author. Keep reading. Keep Hope Alive!...[Read More]

Emergency Call! Rushing To The...

2012-04-26 05:26:25

Emergency call! Rushing to the Emergency ward. Another bomb blast around Jabi/utako Abuja...[Read More]

@ Platform 2012: Cultural Inno...

2012-05-01 04:53:01

@ Platform 2012: Cultural Innovation at Lagos Nigeria. Live transmission on Channels TV. Tune in ASAP! Keep Hope Alive!...[Read More]

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